Top of the Teas

1. Forde Tea Gardens near Bradford on Avon ( the Gardens are a shed based operation our Easton friends will pleased to note). Will it last the ride?

2. Black Forest Cafe in Sankt Margan New in at number 2 our first proper cup of tea on continental shores, whilst watching a German brass band through the window and being introduced to the naughtiness of German cake culture with a “Mandelhounchen Stuck” – imagine a sugar pastry lobster with its claws dipped in chocolate. The German language suits cakes some of which have been lovingly built with JCB tractors.

3. Tea with porridge in a mountainside campsite on the edge of the Alsace. Finally found porridge, good to have a break from all the pastry breakfast we have been enjoying! Not quite the same as the english builders tea we are accustomed to but its been so long since we had a cuppa!


3 responses to “Top of the Teas

  1. Prangs

    Still only one entry? I refuse to believe you have not been drinking tea at any given opportunity as you pass through France (especially when the wine is far too expensive to afford!)

  2. V

    bon voyage!!! such lovely stories! dive fast and safe and enjoy more cake!
    love to your ways!
    here e mail for Petra…if you are going to Ljublijana:
    (just mention my name to her when you write!)

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