Please add answers if you so wish.

1. Who put that hill there?

2. Is it possible to speak German by adding “mecannozen” to the end of every English word?

3. Why does my girlfriends energy snack bar look more inviting than mine?

4. What are the advantages of cycling in a dead fly position? (in a recliner bike)?

5. Why do boring days seem more interesting when all converstions are conducted in a manchester  ‘royale family’ accent?

6. What purpose does the itch of a mosquito bite serve. I mean theyve got the blood so why leave a orrible after effect?


8 responses to “Questions

  1. Jon

    1. God of course
    2. Yesmecannozen
    3. Ask Freud
    4. You don’t make eye contact with the lorry driver who converts you to small patch of pulp

  2. Proud Dad

    1) Brake manufacturers.
    2) Pardon?
    3) Ah .. snack envy!
    4) Better suntan?

  3. Katherine

    5) It is a little known fact that local accents were developed parallel to inudstrialisation as the workers had less interesting or varied work comedy accents were the only thing that kept them awake at the factory machinery. Once county accents had become mainstream then urban variations within a small number of streets were the last humourous variations left. The more boring the work (say in the Manchester cotton mills) the more interesting and amused the accent needed to make it…. Later in life this has translated into a defacto technique to apply to bad sitcoms, tv dramas and soap opera scripts; hence the popularity of Aufedersein Pet, Bread and Last of the Summer Wine….

    6) Apparently the itch of the mosquito ensures the sore remains open and hot, and it is actually said to itch most at dusk and send out a message to following mozzies that this is a good feeding spot…. Wierd and sick… probably…. but a good part of a sci-fi plot nonetheless….

    x x x x

  4. Ryan

    Recliner: they’re lower down. Less air resistance, also more comfortable way for long days in the saddles.
    Gearing has to be higher to achieve the faster speeds that are possible though but this inevitably makes going uphill a bit more of a drag

    Can’t carry as much though: you’d need to use a trailer.

    The Hills are only there so as you can enjoy the view and then go wizzing down them again!

  5. Rachel

    You’ve nearly finished but here are some of Gabi’s and my answers to your questions:
    Depends where you are, possibly Slartibartfast. (says Rachel)
    Grandma, no Auntie Ellie. (says Gabi)

    No, you also have to add ge- before verbs. Ich will gecyclemecannozen von Indiamecannozen.
    Ya. (says Gabi)

    The wheatgrass is always greener… (says I)
    (Gabi just hiccups in answer to this one)

    So that you can rest your tea on your tummy. (says me)
    Tinkerbelle (says Gabi)

    • Rachel and Gabi these are supremely good answers.

      PS Jen and I now have a way of dealing with the difficulties that life throws up using Gabis example.
      problematic problem -“problem” , solvable problem- “no problem”

      Jen and I have been thinking of your kindness and hospitality often and send our hugs from afar to the other members of “One more time”

      We have not seen any elephants yet but we have seen snakes, lizards, dolphins and lots of monkeys!


  6. Tom

    Hi Guys, congratulations on reaching India! my girlfriend and I have been following your progress since reading Bone Shaker and have since decided to follow in your tyre tracks- setting off in August. We are also living in Bristol (my brother has just started work at CSE). not sure when you guys are back but we’d really like to buy you a pint of cider and get some advice on our trip!
    all the best for the rest of your trip.

    Many thanks,


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