Billy and Bertle are the bikes of Jenny and Jet. We  are cycling towards India from our doorstep in Bristol UK from May 2010 and are looking for friendly faces and friendly places we  can stay along the way. We  have our  own tent and cooking gear and Jet has a small folk guitar for anyone that  fancies a tune.

We’re doing it because we love travelling and we love bikes. We’re not sponsored although if anyone wants to give us a free cup of tea it may get into our “Top Cups of Tea” page.

Our rough route is through  UK to France to Germany, following the Danube down through Eastern Europe to Bulgaria, and then to Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates and fingers crossed by sea to India. We may do a bit of work on organic farms along the way and Jet may have a go at busking (though he needs to learn a few Beatles songs first)

If anyone wants to help us with advice / places to stay you can leave comments on this blog or contact us at: billyandbertle@yahoo.co.uk

 See you on the road…..


5 responses to “About

  1. Hey guys!
    Looking forward to hearing the tales as they unfold….
    I just had a thought. Have you spoken to Nick Ward about his sister in France? I think they’re about half-way down. They have a big, fat, permy place that might put you up for a few hours grafting…
    Could be a goer….?

  2. Archie

    Hey you all. Hope things are going okay. Looking forward to your next blog.

    I went to my first storytelling evening Saturday.

  3. Andrew & Jenny (Ed's parents)

    Wow! Huge congratulations on your huge trip. And thank you for keeping us all captivated by your blogs along the way. How did you find the time? You’ve obviously seen some amazing places, and met some remarkable people. It’s an inspiring story.
    Well done! Andrew & Jenny (aka Mr & Mrs Carpet)

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