No battery power remaining.

"No battery power remaining"

After the shock of reaching the finishing line we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. It seemed so daunting to cycle all the way to India we dare not think of what we might we do when we actually arrived. So we continued what we’ve been up to for the past 9 months. Peddle peddle peddle… The route south from Mumbai was  pretty remote with only scant tourist infrastructure and about ten ferry crossings.  It had a coastal topography a bit like Cornwall. Up and Down and Down and Up and Down and Up and…. The humid heat was a bit of a jolt after the dry heat of the Middle East and we spent a few days feeling dizzy and bewildered. We finally discovered “Wadi and Pow”, a kind of ad hoc veggie burger you can get in most of the villages and this kept us going till we reached the curry stops.

Somewhere into the second week, while Jet was encouraging Jen to “go a bit faster. We need to make it to the hotel….” his own legs failed him like a stalled engine and he had to push his bike up the hill. A fever ensued that rather worringly ebbed and flowed like the sea. Thankfully after a few days the snot kicked in and we realised it was just flu , of a rather tub thumping Indian variety. With Jen taking the fore we cycled woefully slowly along the beautiful rugged coast barely faster than the plodding buffalos. Although there wasn’t much traffic we met lots of  friendly bike tourists.

We peddled slowly into beach world and have been subsequently making slow progress from coastal shack to  shack unto the flatter sands of the state of Goa. 

Jet took a picture of the bikes gathering sand in one shadowy beach cabin and then the digital camera announced “No battery power remaining” and turned itself off.  That’s how we both feel now. We got to India and now we need to plug in somewhere. We’re having a go at the beach horizontal method but finding the whole Tourism shenanagans in Goa a bit topsy turvy. You can get a freshly squeezed orange juice and high speed internet here but the Thalis taste curiously bland and the super smooth roads seem too good to be true.  It’s beautiful but the chaotic fire of India doesn’t burn so brightly. It’s battery power may be a bit low… sucked up by all those digital camera clicks, ours included.

Part of us wants the challenge of the wayward  road the other part wants a banana milkshake and a lie down on a palm leaf sun lounger.

We met an amazing guy a couple of days ago. He cycled for fourteen years around the planet and then sea kayaked and dinghied for another fifteen.  He gave us lots to think about. Not that our trip was a minor trail ( in fact to us it still seems a moon journey) but that the world is endlessly offering you roads to go down, if you choose to take them. We have been taken aback by how many people are cycling long distances in all the countries we’ve visited. They don’t write books about it, most don’t  do blogs  but they are quietly peddling about having a nose.

We will continue to have a nose around India and plug in to the Chai battery power.  Apparently its even more humid down south reaching 100 percent humidity in March. Thank goodness for the Ocean. The cyclists Spa.

Thanks so much for all the comments we have recieved on the blog. You have been stalwart companions.

(We’ve just noticed that all our photos have gone a bit”stretchy”- this is something to do with the blog site changing its formatting so we apologise if we look a bit funfair on your computer. Click on the photo and it should appear more normal or at least to scale)

Happy bright pixels and saris in the sunshine to you all. 

j n j

x x

Dolphins jump in front of container ship on way to India

Start of India cycling -just south of Mumbai

Dawn Start Goa


Happy Tractor


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12 responses to “No battery power remaining.

  1. Holly

    Hi Jen and Jet
    Just been reading your blog and sending you lots of battery power and thinking how amazing you both are! I hope that you have managed to find a happy medium between relaxation and exploration.
    I got thinking of you both as Izz and Stu have just come back from Goa and delivered us some beautiful spices so I look forward to your return and hopeful that you have knowledge of some beautiful veggy curries that you can teach me so I can wow Chris with my skills.
    Safe onward journey and look forward to hearing your tales
    love Holly x

  2. glad we met u chaps. see u in bombay 🙂 the ride through kerala was hell. hope it isnt the same for u.

    • Hi Kunal, yeh we found some pretty horrible truck roads too. Dirt facepacks at the end of the day but we took a detour into the Ghats and escaped for bit. Hope to meet up in Bombay! The clovers have been protecting us-still in the bar bags…Jet

  3. Rachel

    Thanks (Jethro’s mum) for Gabi’s book which arrived this week in a very exciting hand sewn Indian envelope!

  4. Sophie

    Listening to ‘This is the Kit’ and thinking of you….

    You two really know how flying gravity feels – hope it still feels good!

    She has a very beautiful new album out, looking forward to going to see her play somewhere with you on your return.

    love love love love….

  5. Robin (Aunt Rob)

    I am envious. To me. India represents, a culture that is steaming with life.
    Best to both of you, as you continue your trek through this diverse and beautiful country..


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