Made it.

Yup we made it. Container shipped over with a load of chemicals,  a transit van and who knows what else on the good ship CMG Coral.

After a lot of miles, punctures, sandwiches, biscuits, cups of tea, sore saddles and stargazing we sat down in our peeling paint room just south of Mumbai and shed a few tears as the ocean hushed at the shore. For all that effort, for all our family, for all our friends, for all the madness of it all.

Now we are cycling through some more isolated areas from Mumbai to Goa and taking short ferry trips where the road peters out and haven’t had much net access but we hope to add further updates when we have a bit more time. Suffice to say India has been a great landing. Veg food heaven for Jen and cups of sweet sweet milk Chai for Jet.

The people have been fab and really India hasnt been as full on as we expected.  Thanks India for being our destination. Thanks friends and family and all the other doods and doodesses for travelling with us.

But we still have a teeny bit more left to ride…

j n j x x

Hard Hat Sailors cross the Persian / Arabian Sea

Small leaky boat India (captain pitches out water as we cross inlet)


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27 responses to “Arrived

  1. Joe Med

    Well done, Well done and thrice Well done you intrepid adventurers you!
    Like the way you kept us all waiting with baited breath for a while, you cheeky monkeys!!
    Enjoy India! Perhaps it’s just more laid back on bikes??

    In middle of moving home at min. When you return you’ll find me in a wee little house at top of St. Werbs allotments!! 🙂 Kettle will be on standby.
    Looking forward to your India updates.
    Send us some Sun please!!

  2. Dan Weltman

    I second that – I mean crikey, what an amazing achievement!! I think you’re both entitled to come home and sit in the bath for two weeks reading like us normal lazy people. India sounds amazing, enjoy it all and see you soon.

    • Hey Dan I’m sooo looking forward to reading in the bath. I haven’t seen a bath in several milllenia. Its all showers round here. Although I should try reading in the sea.

      See you springtime.


  3. Auntie Kath & Co

    Hooray!! Well done from all of us, we are so pleased that you are safe on terra firma and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in India. Safe journey to you both Enjoy.

  4. Paula

    Hello Jet and Jen

    Joe showed me your blog a couple of months ago, so just wanted to say “well done you two!!” (you ‘four’ including the bikes!) Such an amazing achievement, you must feel so proud 🙂

    Looking forward to the india adventures


  5. Jet's Mum

    We toasted you with champagne when Annie got the text that you had arrived! Much admiration all round. Congratulations you two brave travellers.

  6. looske

    Hooray Hooray and whoop whoop!
    Namaste, you brilliant pair! Just shed a little tear for you both myself… so good to see you looking so healthy and happy – and great dress, Jen!
    Nice and shanti does it now, take it easy… though I wonder, as and when you cease the peddling, what will your legs do??? I can imagine you walking about like you’re lower halves were made of rubber bands!
    Well done, well done and well done!
    Love love and love
    Lu XXXX

    • Lu thanks so much . I think our minds will be peddling for some time to come but the bodies have gone a bit wobbly in the humidity. Thank goodness for the ocean, blessed purifier of the sweaty cyclist!

      Looking forward to catching up when we get back. Missing those Looske songs.


  7. Jon

    Hi guys – well done the both of ya – Jet I reckon if you get any skinnier you’ll slide down a crack on that boat’s deck into the sea. Hope you enjoy a bit of sun/swimming relaxing before back to the realities of Brizzle life.
    cheers Jon

    • Jon your support has been much appreciated along the way, so thanks for travelling along with us. We enjoying the sun/swimming but finding the whole tourist world a bit disorientating. What I am enjoying however are the banana milkshakes. Not enough of those in the middle east.

      Cheers cheers Jet

  8. Soph

    Hello my lovely lovely sister and the lovely jet,
    Wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. You did it! We also toasted your arrival, no champagne, but lots of people raising their pints to you! We were on Andy’s birthday cycle up the river to Greenwich and beyond, we paused to get a pint and raise a glass to you both.

    Now, I’ve been pondering your return and considering a wee bit of cycling myself – I’m wondering if you would like a small cycling welcome party to cycle the last bit with you, from France or from this side of the channel. What do you think? Perhaps you need the home straight just the two of you, without a gaggle of less fit, slightly shaky, second rate cyclists to join you… have a think and hope to chat soon.

    Lots of pats on both your backs.

    Love love

    • Thanks so much Soph. Jen is in a beach hut doing off bike r n r but I will communicate your jubilations and blessings henceforth!And I know she’ll get back to you in person soon.As for cycling with a posse will have a conflab with the jenster and let you know. Re “second rate cyclists” we may well be third rate by the time we reach you having gone a bit beach side wobbly and too many yum yum curries!
      Jet xx

    • Namaste Sophie, Thanks to you and your cycling chums.Its quite amazing that we made it, I wouldnt have managed it without Jets solid determination throughout, I would probably have taken many train rides when the going got tough, Im glad Jet encouraged me to keep on peddling. After all the curries and pancakes we are now eating; you will be probably be the more fit ones! Lets chat about this excellent idea, we are still working out how we will get back etc but Im liking your idea.

      Really looking forward to being home again but still enjoying whats left of our wee adventure!

      Lots o Love Jen xxx X

  9. Mikey C

    Well done!! What a groovy journey, we’ve all enjoyed sooo much reading about it here at Coupe towers. Lots of love Mikey Anne Felix Miranda and (new baby) Zara

    • Hey Mike congratulations to you and the family on the new babe. You know you’ve been away a while when babies start popping out. Must make it to Bath on my return. Surely has to be easier than Bristol- Mumbai!

  10. Katherine

    Amazing!!!!!! Am so jealous of your adventures and your beautfiul brown skin…. and of still having time away… boo hoo.

    But also… come back and see us sooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… when are you back?

  11. forestschools

    woooooooooooooooo! I second Joe on the pause for suspense! Great to hear you have arrived and are stocking up on curry and milshakes, mmm curry milkshake? Enjoy beach life : )
    Sarah x

  12. Prangs

    banana pancakes, mmm………
    I’m up for a wee cycling adventure re Sophs suggestion, but worried I’ll be a massive slow coach in comparison to EVERYONE else in the welcome home party! Keep me posted on what you decide though-you too Soph!
    Really looking forward to seeing you guys soon, boat to Italy right? when do you expect to be approaching the uk?
    Love you lots and big congrats goes with out saying
    Annie x

  13. judit

    Hey guys!!! You are great!!!! 🙂 I am happy for you!!! 🙂 I try to imagine how you might feel now – I suggest you just take a rest and enjoy India! 🙂
    Love, Judit and fam. from Hungary

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