Kicked off a horse. Back on the bike.

For Jens birthday we have arrived in Cappadocia, land of Goblins and Tourists (interchange as necessary) living in caves carved out of steep sided rock valleys and ‘fairy chimneys’…volcanic formations like wizards hats into which pansions and hotels have been built. As a treat we have been staying in one such fairy chimney in Goreme in the centre of Cappadocia …in a hotel called “Fairy Chimney Inn” in fact. In the footsteps of Michael Palin as the celebrity photo in the reception announces. As a second treat we decided to go horseriding in the Cappadocian valleys. Unfortunately Jet forgot he wasn’t a very good horserider and this ,combined with a frisky Cappadocean horse,  lead to a unfortunate galloping off into the distance incident in which Jet ‘slipped’ off sustaining, we hope, only minor injuries of  bruised hip, ribs and shoulder. Because of this we’ve taken an extra days rest in Goreme and will be carrying on the Eastern highway across Turkey tomorrow. The horseriding incident made Jet realise that although Bertle, his bike, can be a bit unreliable, at least it doesn’t gallop away under its own steam (althought anything could happen.. Harry Potter wise.. in this fairytale cave world) . We are both hoping that the bike riding motion doesn’t use all the same muscles as Jets bruised right side. But once you’ve fallen off there ain’t nothing to do, cowboy, but get back on again. Iran here we…lopsided pedalling… come.

j n j

Birthday Girl outside our Hotel with 'Fairy Chimney' in Background

Contemplating bruises and leather bike saddles

View from Uchisar Castle



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11 responses to “Kicked off a horse. Back on the bike.

  1. ed

    dear Jen and Jet,

    thank you so much for your dvd. we’ve just watched it and are fully full up. thank you.
    the wedding was flabbergasting, a big gay love in, sunny and friendly and perfect. Katherine Nightingale married us and we sang Islands in the Stream after jumping over a broom in the ceremony. you two were missed and you got mentioned in the speeches. matthew gave us your dvd after trying to play it on a laptop and the battery immediately failing, which was quite beautiful and funny. ahhh. love love
    we’ve just got back from Stans first honeymoon, a caravan in Brittany and sunny beaches, throwing stones, looking at boats and tractors, wine, cheese and chasing kittens. and posh seafood dinners – ‘cups of tea’.
    we’re following your every move in an occassional spot of blogwatch. Iran..? wow
    we think you’re amazing.

    lots of love
    Mr and Mrs Patrick

    • Dear Mr and Mrs Patrick,

      so great to hear from you and missing being at the wedding which sounded incredible. Kath married you. Wow! Good to know the sunflowers made it over the skies and on a little disc into your lives. Even if the battery broke we hope it was playing quietly in the background, a silent soundtrack to the love in.
      Brittany sounds joyous. Turkey ıs big on Tractors too but theyre normally looking at us not the other way round-as we were told only yesterday by a farmer when we explained our journey by bike ‘ you are mad for doing this’ .

      Wishing you big love and cups of tea from far away,

      Jet and Jen xxx

  2. Jet's Mum

    Oh Jet, Idon’t know. You cycle from Bristol to Turkey safely then get injured falling off a horse! Jen’s birthday will be memorable in many ways.
    I hope you are not aching too much.
    Cappadocia sounds amazing.
    lots of love Mumxx

  3. Daren

    Friends and family of b&b…
    Worry not, they are doing great. Yes the horse incident led to quite a limp but did not dampen their spirit. A couple songs from the traveling minstrels (for my family had the adjoining room and instinctively held up our lighters as they were that good) and they rode off good as new

  4. Katherine

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    I am every time more amazed at the fantastical, magical places you are seeing and travelling through. I wish I could be there to see some of them with you.
    But in the meantime I am trying to have some adventures to tell you about when you get back.
    Lots and lots of love,

    • Thanks Katherine!
      Lookıng back over the blog at what we have done makes me feel amazed too, I cant really belıeve what we have achieved! Its provıng one of the most challengıng and excıtıng thıngs I have ever done. I dıdnt realıse you married Ed and Is, thats brıllıant, we both wısh we could have been there. I cant waıt to catch up wıth you when we get back and hear all about what you have been up to. Mıssıng you, lots of love Jen.xx

  5. Jon

    Remember what George said “2 wheels good 4 legs bad” or something like that – great self portrait – looking forward to hearing about Iran
    cheers Jon

  6. Nice text und pictures, thank you.

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