Big Country. Big Roads. Small Bike.

Small Country Road Turkey

Wooh Turkey is massive. At least twice the size of a cup of tea at least. We now have quite a deadline to get to the border of Iran before the Winter snows start in mid October. Passing from Istanbul through the Anataloian mountains was quite something. We camped up in em hills and were hosted by a couple of superbly generous and warm Turkish families.  Finding enough water on remote routes has been an issue but Turkish hospitality as ever has not been in short supply. We had a surreal episode at a remote Caravanserii…remnants of a Silk Road trading post…  when a Turkish State television crew popped up and interviewed us for what we still don’t know.

Jen has had a bout of flu which has now thankfully burnt itself out. Though she wasn’t sure about Jets cycling on hot roads past enormous tracts of land and barren lakes cure. Thankfully a bit of hotel luxury awaits in Cappadoccia, a valley world of cave cities in the side of cliffs, south east of Ankara, central Turkey.   Bring on the caves and the marmalade on toast we say.

j n j

Self Portrait on Tuz Golu Salt Lake on way to Cappadocia

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