Yesterday we left at 6 am to go cyclıng through the Anatolian mountains. The only place open was a little pastry shop and they hadn’t yet started brewing the vast vats of Chai/ black tea that make up the daily punctuations of Turkish life. So instead we were given tea bags with a little loop of string attached to dunk them into our hot water. After a while the shop owner put down the trays of fresh pastry he was carrying ,  removed the tea bag from Jen’s cup with a spoon, wound the string round it to  squeeze the tea out and placed it carefully on the saucer beside her. Such are the tiny hospitalities  that make up a day bike touring through Turkey.  Where to be a guest, even in a small pastry shop at 6am,  is an honour.



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13 responses to “Teabag

  1. Mikey C

    Hi J and J,

    Just to let you know I’m following you (with just a bit of envy) in cyberspace!

    Keep up the blog, it’s great. You inspired me to cycle across Wales last week with my friend Dave!

    Lots of love


  2. Jet's Mum

    IT warms your mother’s heart to hear about the kind turkish waiter.
    love Mum

  3. Jon

    Hi guys just back from 4w in Italy – sun/chianti and siestas – good combo – good to hear your visas are in lok forward to hearing what iran is like – did 1st gig in August – even exposed my vocals to an unsuspecting audience – went well all considered – cheers Jon

  4. Traindriver

    cycle on Jet and Jen, I’m enjoying the blog.
    love Dad

  5. Mazzy

    It sounds like this venue deserves a mention in Top of the Teas!

    I’m really enjoying following you around the world from the comfort of my own armchair. Good luck to you both and keep on pedalling.


  6. Ryan

    Guys!!! Just got back to UK and read your whole blog top to bottom! Got hold of my copy of ‘Adventure Cycle Touring (second ed)’ and already want to start a big trip like you! So, for all that here’s a big: WELL DONE! and KEEP ON GOING from me 🙂

    Cycling in Australia was fun: to keep you’re morale up here are the basic facts and figures from my trip. I’ll see you when you return 🙂
    Best of luck,
    Ryan X

    Days spent away from ‘home’: 24
    Days Spent cycling: 19
    Number of nights camping was paid for: 4
    Number of times put up by friendly locals: 5
    Number of nights spend ‘roughing it’: 13
    Total Distance Travelled: 1475.6km
    Average daily distance: 76.4km
    Largest distance in one day: 125.6km
    Average speed: 18-20km/hr
    Highest Climb: 600m+
    Longest Climb: 5km of solid 10% Gradient
    Fastest speed achieved down hill: 74.6km/h!
    KG of Equipment and food carried: 25+!
    Mosquito Biites: innumerable
    Main source of sustenance: pasta and rice!
    Number of Cheeses Eaten: at least 1 block every 2 days!
    Local Wines Sampled: 32 spread over 5 wineries.
    Cheapest Beer Found: $18 for a Jug at crazy Backpackers in Hervey Bay
    Puntures: 0 (god bless Schwalbe Tires!)
    Mechanical Failures: 0
    Southern Hemispheres longest unsupported tunnel passed through? Yes.
    Average Magpie Attacks per day cycling: 2.7
    Centimetres from Death by Deadly Snake: 10cm.

    PS: If you’ve not signed up to Warm Showers.org…do so!

    • Hey Ryan will reply more fully to this list of heroism when we get the chance.But 74.6 km/h isnt that take off speed? But I reckon we beat you on mosquito bites per square inch!
      Mmm pasta and rice. Off to eat some rice now (we had pasta last night) !

      Love Jen and Jet

  7. Ryan

    I’m leaving this comment so as I can be notified of site updates…

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