Shopska Salad

That’s what we spent most of our time eating in Bulgaria, Jen being vegetarian an all. Shopska is tomatos, cucumber and grated salted goats cheese. Trouble was that’s almost all we ate. Sometimes for lunch we enjoyed a refreshing cold yoghurt soup but mainly we ate shopska. Oh shopska we love you. Shopska popsta.

Howabout cycling? Well we zoomed to the Black Sea coast along good (ie they had tarmac) roads. Wild camping easier than in Romania and we got to hang out with loads of sunflowers.  By the end of August we were done with sea sun and shopska and very pleased to be back in the saddle and Eastern bound.

Big thanks to Marie and Pavlo and Jeorg for whisking us away for a funfair day of painting and bohemian frolicking in a remote village and the Swiss Bulgarian family who put us up in their shed!

And radical high fives to our families for nipping out to refuel us with banquet meals and a pat on the back. A pat on the back goes a long way when you’re cycling-especially when you’re going up a hill.

J n J

Family and Drunken Sailors


Feeding watermelon to painter boy in Emona village festival



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5 responses to “Shopska Salad

  1. gordon

    Hi Jeth and Jen

    Just read some of your blog , sounds exciting .

    Just checked weather for next 8 days looks like it is quite good , sunny and warmish by day and cold at night. You are about 5425 feet above sea level in Isfahan , so cold nights and not too cold in the daytime 16C +- November , 10C in December . I expect you will be further south in December so no probs. You should get about 7 hours of sunshine most days and it never gets dark earlier than 4.50pm unlike the UK !

    As I can’t see a way of attaching a copy of this rather good piece of music I am putting the link

    :E.S. Posthumus – Isfahan ,

    No doubt you will get a chance to listen to it , it is worth a listen ! I have made a copy for myself and will send you a copy by e-mail sometime if you like.

    Keep the wheels turning !


    • Hi Gordon great to hear from you. Unfortunately Iran doesn’t allow you tube to be accessed so we’ll have to wait till we reach another country before we listen to that one. But the wikipedia entry is v interesting. Thanks for the weather report. We now in Esfahan and thats exactly the temp. We’re enjoying the bit of chill as we have had so much hot weather cycling. I suspect UAE will be really hot still.


      Jeth and Jen

  2. gordon

    Yes UAE in mid December is average 26C max 16C min up to 36C in the sunshine , about 7-8 sunshine hours each day .

    You probably know that Sebastian Vettel won the drivers championship at Abu Dhabi last Sunday in the Red Bull team car. They finished the race in the spectacular floodlights.

    I presume you catch the news on the web when you can ?

    You may have heard that Kate Middleton is marrying Prince William next summer probably in Westminster Abbey.

    Keep those pedals moving !!


  3. gordon

    Here is another piece worth a listen , lovely images
    from Thais , Massenet

    Itzhak Perlman – Massenet (Meditation from Thais)

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