Call to Prayer

Country No 9


Jen Cyclıng down a rainy Bosphorous inlet into Istanbul


Ah Turkey land of abundant food. Though the paradox being that we have arrived during Ramadan when the majority of the population is fasting during the day. Cycling and fasting not being a good combination we have had to be a bit inventive with our snacking but its been well worth it for the break of fast feasting at the end of the day.

After a bit of climbing we sped down the Strandzer mountains at the Bulgaria Turkey border and in the first Turkish border town were greeted with the sight of a bloke whizzing past on a bike with a plate of flat breads on his head. As the sun set the violet night rang with the call to prayer and a frenetic energy shook the populace out of their tea shops and hidey holes into a communal feasting at roadside stalls and restaurants. Yum.

The Turkish are a joyous, playful and superhospitable people. Smiles and endless free cups of tea for strange cyclists are the norm. The East has well and truly landed and it is a good place.

We are now in Istanbul holding our breath for news of our Iranian visa application at the consulate. But Istanbul is a magnificent place to hold your breath (and then stuff your face at sunset) Sina a top Turkish couch surfer put us up for a night and we’re now hotel hoppin and driftin round the bazaars and minarets sipping sweet tea and eating baklava (cake) Mmm. Note to self . This is a bike and not a food blog. However food equals bike engine. Viva food.

j n j

Stop press news. Visa granted. Off to Iran ( after a teeny bit of cycling)

The Blue Mosque- breakfast vıew


Aya Sofya Mosaic



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6 responses to “Call to Prayer

  1. Joe Med

    Wow, and Wow!!
    Seems so strange being back here in Bristol, things carrying on much the same, while you guys send back pics and tales of ever increasingly exotic bike adventures!
    Two very large pats on the back…1for each of you!
    More food related blogging! Viva Food!!
    ..Oh and pick me up an Istanbul cymbl for my collection won’t you. You can use it to deflect the suns rays or plug the hole and you’ve got a shiney wok!
    Good luck for Iran! Wow, that really should be an adventure!

  2. Jet's Mum

    HI! well I’m really pleased you’ve got the visa.

    Turkey sounds great. Enjoy!

    Jet’s Mum

  3. Sophie

    Happy Eid! How beautiful Istanbul looks, I hope you have enjoyed the festival and are closer to getting your visa for Iran.

    I am planning a birthday cycle celebration, not quite in the same league as the crossing of Iran, more a meander with plenty of refreshments stops along the way; from Streatham to the canals and markets of North London, two tandems’ and as many people on bikes as I can encourage to come. Hopefully a small, but jolly critical mass!

    I am at work…. ssshhh! I should really get on, but I think Turkey sounds wonderful and I look forward to the next installment!

    Love love xx

  4. Judit from Hun

    Hey J&J!!!

    Congrats for the visa!! Aaaand definitely viva food! 🙂

    So happy that you are well and got so far!
    Best wishes for the Iranian part!:)

    Judit&Zoli&Oliver&Aurel 🙂

    • Hey Judit and Zoli and Oliver and Aurel thanks for the comment! We looking forward to Iran and enjoying munching our way through Turkey. Our stomachs still remember the Hungarian dish you gave us when we stayed! Hope you had a good Bırthday and chill time on the beach.

      All the best 🙂 🙂

      Jen and Jet

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