Stormchasing on the Scenic route, Transylvania.

We decided to leave the Danube in search of a more adventurous ride.  We scaled one set of mountains and are resting for a day or two in Cluj-Napoca before heading south toward an even more challenging set of mountains. Yikes. We have experienced so much in the past week it would take too long to write in one post so in a summary list form:

-Negotiating torrential rainstorms (adds to the Dracula effect), endless vertical twisty pot holy roads up to ‘Stana De Vale’ and down the other side through sheer sided forest paths.

-We enjoyed meeting ‘Alan’ – a French PE teacher who canoed the danube with his bike on board and is now roaming the hills here.

-Wild camping with the  cows, goats, wolves and bears. Breath Taking scenery.

-Cycling with the squits is hard work, especially up hill in the heat. But when food is short you just gotta carry on!

– Meeting the Romanians, great hosts and very keen to point out the differences between the ‘hungarian – romanian’, the ‘german-romanian’ and the ‘gyspy’ people who all live here. Everyone we have met so far make us feel very welcome and want to feed us up all the time (proves tricky with travellers belly!). We have tried “Balinca’ Romanian whiskey made from plum(?) – too much of this nearlyy led to being dressed from head to toe in antique trad romanian clothes! Thanks to Christian for a splendid evening of revelry with his family in the hills.

-We are looking out for Mr Dracula to gets some tips for improving Jets Jetfly cloak! Mr D hides behinds the huge black clouds and incredible thunder that transforms the early afternoon. Right, off to Bulgaria..



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4 responses to “Stormchasing on the Scenic route, Transylvania.

  1. Jonathan

    Hi guys great photos – looks beautiful – would the danube trail be good to take kids on? – thinking ahead for family trips
    cheers Jon

    • yep would recommend danube trail in Austria/germany for kids but check bits that are bike path on;y(mainly bike path) there are good maps from amazon “bikeline maps”? germ austria border is scenic cheers j

  2. Hello Purkis.
    This is fun! JG put me on to you and your adventures.
    It looks nice where you are/were by now. You look a bit like a meerkat in the picture above… a meerkat with a lovely beard.
    Brilliant – if you stay in one place for long, let us know and i’ll send you a cake. Tim

    • Ah the the cake maestro! We could do with some fine patisserie here in Bulgaria. Its all yoghurt and packet croissants. Do your cakes flat pack? I did have the hippy folk hairy beast look but it was too hot (freakin hot up to 40 degrees c) so I went Meerkat. I now move like the wind, kind of… Hows the cake business. Does it have a name?x

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