Freakin Hot and Friendly Folk

We have been lucky enough to stay with a some really friendly folk in Budapest and escape the fercious heat. We stayed with Judit and Zolly just  outside Budapest and they sorted out these travel washed out cyclists with eggy bread and home cooked delicacies and Japanese films translated into Hungarian. Eva and Zoltan put us up in the heart of Budapest and Zoltan gave us really detailed maps of Hungary and persuaded us off the beaten Danube track to head east across the plains of Hungary to Romania.  The Danube may be good for songs but it can make for a bloomin boring bike ride after a thousand kms. Eva and Zoltan were an inspiration having cycled over the Carpathian mountains in Romania and so thence we headed.

The journey across Hungary to get there was even hotter. Imagine cycling through the film of oil on a saucepan through one horse towns with astonished Hungarians dozing in the shade. We manufactured enough sweat to defeat the deoderant industry single handed but after a small diversion entered Romania to find…absolutely nothing.

The border of France and Germany had a McDonalds and a sex shop. In Romania there was a shack next to a 10km road to the nearest town and a hand operated well. Welcome to rural Romania and all its crazy diversions….

Eva and Zoltan

Judit and Zolly

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