The Hungarian for Yo is Yo

Well we paused in Slovakia for lunch twice this week, flitting across the Danube border with Hungary. In Slovakia we discovered their favourite sport was rollerblading down bike paths in bikinis.  Which beats the Austrians who preferred walking with walking poles on the tarmac. Its been soooo hot Jen soon followed suit, well top half anyway.

We are now staying with friends of friends just outside Budapest in Hungary. En route we arrived in Esztergom to find the campsite right next to a music festival. Unfortunately the music festival seemed to be a single rap band and while we are sure there are many fine Hungarian rap bands this one didnt appeal, especially at 1 am after being completely whacked from cycling all day in 30 degree plus . Of the words we could understand, Yo was the main one as in- Yo Esztergom.

The mosquitos are incredibe in the Danube flood plain. As in Hulk. They bite in the dusk they bite in the dawn they bite in the day they bite the bites that were bitten the day before until you too start to look like the incredible hulk when hes doing that glowing red changey thing. Aha but they cant get us in the water which is where we take our refuge.

Slovakia and Hungary have been the most interesting countries so far. A central European culture mixing with the West as echos of the East beckon.

Plus the beer is cheap.

Picture Below From Top of Esztergom Basilica {Foolishly climbed in raging heat and before realising we had another 30 miles to ride after lunch over a big hill}



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10 responses to “The Hungarian for Yo is Yo

  1. Joe Med

    Hungary! How hungry for Hungary I am…tho perhaps not in mid-summer with hulk mozys!
    Hope you find some good Hungarian music soon. If you come across any stonkin folk bands tell them I’ll book them on the Grain Barge next month! 😉

  2. James

    Seems like a long time ago I was in Budapest! No mozzies then though.

    I’m off doing my own adventure in December next year –

    I think your trip is much more sensible!

    James (CSE)

  3. Jet's Mum

    Heat and mosquitos in central europe! It seems very remote from croquet on the vicarage lawn which is what I am doing tonight.


  4. Wendy Mc

    Sounds fab so far…… and so far it is……….
    Hope riding’s still fun
    and life’s full of fizzzzzzzzzzz!!!
    (this is the best poetic prose i can muster)
    Enjoying your blog………. keep in touch
    wendy x

  5. forestschools

    Hello Jen and Jet,

    Loving following your travels, although having barely survived the hottest glasto ever and already looking a bit hulkish round the edges from mere midges think I might be safer having a game of croquet with Jet’s mum.

    Happy pedalling lovlies x

    Sarah (recycle barbie’s partner in crime)

    • Hey Sarah! Glasto sounded scorchio! We have escaped the mozzies and now have the challenge of HUGE hills instead, back to the Danube and the mozzies soon though but with out my midge/mozzie head net which was robbed by some gypsys along with a few razors!

      Hope you are well and great to hear from you, lets all meet for a game of croquet soon xxx

  6. Ken and Siggi

    Hi, we’re back in the mozi free drissle of English summer, although after Hungary my skin is so heavily impregnated with ‘deet’ that I’ll probably be toxic to all parasites for the next 12 months. We did finally crack and camped in Erzegom campsight, no band but a great swimming pool. We finished up going south from Budapest by train to lake Balaton for a few days sun bathing and swimming. (More camping)
    Wishing you both good peddling

    Ken and Siggi

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