Freud and Football


We visited the Freud museum in Vienna today and then went to the Germany vs England match by the Danube . We were going to write a witty and interesting post about the Ego and Id and Freud and Football but…well…we lost…





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2 responses to “Freud and Football

  1. Simon & Laetitia

    Hi trotters!

    Just back to Toulouse after a couple of rainy weeks out there (at the end we would had said Touloooooouse!), and starting up now our 11 mounth holidays (we saw in Budapest an article advertizing on TLSE for holidays)!!

    Still that’s bit crazy, we’re already looking forwrd to our next trip, with plenty of bike & trailer improvments!

    Wish you the best and nice surprises, just alltime.


    • Hi from Budapest! We are staying with staying with friends of friends. Yes it was very rainy we were thinking of you. Glad you made it ok. We have big mosquito action here now after the rains.

      Yours is the fastest tandem team weve seen on the road- in between mechanic stops!
      Good luck for future adventures

      Jet and Jen

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