Punks kick planet sized ball of litter through the streets of Vienna

Vienna is bloomin’ big. Having been pootlin along the cake bake paths of the Danube we were baptised by the acre wide streets of mercedez benz in Vienna on our little ole bikes with a thrill and a chill. Jet went on a mission to try and find a new pair of bike shorts and amidst the museum platzs came across a parade of punks kicking a ball of rubbish the size of a motorhome along the streets and gargling the Austrian equivalent of special brew beer. Now here was a little fire in the belly of the Danube. Not that Jet really understood what they were angry about but clearly enough to warrant half of Viennas police force. Felt like good ole Bristol!

Jet by the way didnt find his bike shorts but enjoyed cycling round Vienna with no underpants (under his shorts) as the rest of his clothing was in the wash. Perhaps thats Punk… or maybe just boringly cooling in the Summer heat.

In other news Jets bike had to have a complete new chainset for 200 pounds as the old one had worn out: Crikey. No more cakes for a while me thinks. xx


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5 responses to “Punks kick planet sized ball of litter through the streets of Vienna

  1. Jet's Mum

    Punks in Vienna! I love the image.

    I hope you found some cycle shorts.
    Gordon says the weather should be good for the week, possible thunder storms today [saturday]

    love Mum

  2. Proud Dad

    Glastonbury is basking in the sun too, apparently shade being rented at 10 litres of water per square metre. Are you sure the punks were not your fans wandering across Europe having lost their cause? Might explain the anger?
    Hope you are enjoying a waltz in culture. X
    p.s. way things are going custard tax is looming ….

  3. Jon

    New chainset already! – those thighs of steel wearing down the metal – take it easy on the old machine purk.

    • I think cycling through the snow and grit this winter in the UK didnt help matters to be honest. I did look after my chain and tried to replace it regular like but it kept slippin. I think i must have spoken to about 7 bike mechanics so far in different countries. Fingers crossed now the bike is rolling fine…. gulp.

  4. Ryan

    There’s something wrong if you’re having to change the chainset already mate! Especially on a Thorn!
    That said I’ve completely fkd my drive train after the Oz trip and that was only 1500k!

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