Stop Press News- Austria like Germany except cakes slightly more expensive.

We have now arrived in Austria through the magnificent Passau Danube corridor and are staying in Linz. Jen has realised a number of things. Gazing at the now wide waters of the Danube she has decided that this is where the Loch Ness Monster has relocated. It came over on a monster jet plane. Monster jets as opposed to Jumbo jets are invisible to the human eye and were able to avoid the volcanic ash because they fly so high. Monsters  laugh at the fact that humans call their jumbo jets jumbo because they are big. For monsters a jumbo jet is incredibly small. They now laughingly refer to small things as “Jumbo”.

Other news- Jen has briefly given up her career in international insect rescue (rescuing ants, insects, flys from terrible honey based predicaments) to insect and slug style advice. eg “Change your name  and looks slug to something more romantic like  the butterfly” and “Slug get off our green tarp/helmet/saddle ” “Slug you should wear a dress it suits the colour of your eyes.”

…And the cakes are more expensive. Or maybe it’s just our Cake funds are runnings low. xx



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8 responses to “Stop Press News- Austria like Germany except cakes slightly more expensive.

  1. Prangs

    Drunk Much? x

  2. Jet's Mum

    Hi Jet& Jen
    I’m not sure that I understand this blog procedure and not sure that you receive my comments, however I am very happy to click into the blog & follow your journey. Also I have not been able to see the song Jen recorded. I’ll have to ask Annie’s help.
    xxx Mum

  3. Joe

    Oh Blimey! My computer’s been on blink recently…there ya go, you ‘blink’ and miss a whole country!!
    Glad to see your speeding onwards, and a little Danube break from reality can’t be a bad thing either…tho I dare say you might’ve lost a few marbles somewhere along it judging by this post! 😉

    (P.S. Jets Mum – I can read your posts so no doubt Jen n Jet can too 🙂

  4. arne

    Have a good trip!
    Hope the tyres help..

    • Cheers Arne we now feel ready for the the rough roads. PS thanks for the bike shop tip, new chainset fitted on my bike and they didnt even charge for the service as we were “proper travellers” !

  5. Jon

    Hi guys you’re looking well – and to beam a song home to us seems like a little miracle of 21st century technology. Keep tucking those miles away – I’ll speak to Clegg about the custard issue – I feel this should be given due prominence in the national debate.

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