New Jet McDonald Song “Perfect Pitch”


Recorded live by Jen at a campsite in the foothills of Alsace in France earlier in the trip…



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5 responses to “New Jet McDonald Song “Perfect Pitch”

  1. Joe

    Ben Dowden eat ur heart out!

  2. ed

    nice to see you’re still hanging around outside toilets and singing to the occupants. i was waiting for the well timed flush or body bottom noise

    it’s lovely to catch up with you two monkeys. i don’t read any other blogs but your blog is definately the best one in the world

    the england football team could do with Jets slinky skills and magic toe and some of Jens sluggish advice

    love from the tynes x ed

    • toilet folk music is the new wave and I am in the vanguard of the automatic flushers. Yes I have been giving Defoe tips on the “magic toe” , England v Germany should be pretty mental watching it tomorrow in Austria. Dont think ill wear my England shirt though…

      Big Love to all the ed team from the j team x

  3. Aunt Gill

    Love the sound of your voice xx

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