Stuck in the Slow Lane of a Scalextric Set Till The Red Arrows Came And Saved Me.

The Danube bike path is a wonderful and luxurious experience but sometimes it does feel like you’re in a fairyland, journeying the same route as all the other tourers, pausing only for cakes and beer and repainted baroque buildings. It feels sometimes like you’re stuck in the slow lane of a Scalextric toy slot car race,  albeit with a beautiful backdrop. You get the sense that somewhere beyond the real Germany is happening, perhaps not as pretty, but more true.

So hypnotised we were in danger of slackening our pace until overtaken (just past Ulm) by a group of older German ladies wearing red tops, part of a local touring club. They seemed to move in formation like the British jet fighter display team The Red Arrows. Not to be outdone we took up their pace and are now speeding up, using the Danube trail as a slingshot towards Eastern Europe.

Jet has written a short ode to the pacemakers that goes thus:

Stuck in the Slow Lane of a Scalectrix Set Till The Red Arrows Came and Saved Me

A bunch of older ladies in red tops come save us from the cake stops

Be our pacemakers from Ulm to old Passau

I´ve been slumming too long in the Beer Gardens and stacking up the plums

Oh Red Arrows come save me from the Danube slow lane doldrums.




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6 responses to “Stuck in the Slow Lane of a Scalextric Set Till The Red Arrows Came And Saved Me.

  1. Mazzy

    For some reason, I thought of the two of you two yesterday as a contingent of the World Naked Bike Ride pedalled through Bristol.

    Knowing that Jet has oft expressed an interest in “naked storytelling”, perhaps you can track down an event to join in with?

    Good luck in your travels, wherever they may lead. For those left behind in Easton there be Chocolate and Gargoyles by way of consolation:


  2. Prangs

    Yes Jet, You are a very good brother! Thanks for my lovely postcard-How long till the next country/postcard?
    Liking the new hair cut by the way-very well done Jen-he looks far less like a bin man that he did when he left-ha ha!

  3. Jet's Mum

    Hi Jeth and Jen
    Enjoy this virtual time in a cake filled oldie worldie place. Real life kicks in often enough! It sounds a very mother friendly place anyway.
    Glad to hear you’ve solved your bike problem Jeth.

  4. Katherine N

    Oh lovelies I mss you. The story launch was good and very fun. Do you have skype for scheduled skype chats? X x

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