Speedy McCreedys

The Speedy McCreedy; often spotted on continental roads whizzing past in ultra tight fitting multicoloured lycra. When interacting will always discuss mileage and perve their bikes. Muscles where people really shouldnt have muscles.Lorry truck driving slow tourers such as the billy and the bertle spend far too much time looking at their arses disappearing over the horizon. One day we will leave them behind. In our minds at least. BB



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7 responses to “Speedy McCreedys

  1. Joe Med

    Ha ha!
    …the hare gets there quickest but tortoises have time to admire the view 😉

  2. Joe Med

    …the ‘surrounding’ view i mean, not speedies bum!

  3. nick a car
    run them over

    as they say in nearly germany

    love ya kids

    • Hallo mine friend. We will soon overtake them with our truck bikes when My muscles are the size of donkeys, which judging by current appearences will happen somewhere nr vienna. Hopes yous and the team are lovely and you hanging out with the Matthew now maybe and making robots… xxx

  4. Derek Clayton

    If you have time check out Dizee rascals latest video. Not only has he ripped off your ‘Disco, disco, disco, disco’ but it also feature Dj Derrick. It is on you tube.

    • Dear Derek we miss your fine ales and ciderz even tho the german beers is alrites. Dizee is always ripping off my stuff but I let him cos I is a lovlee pop star. Cheers so much for your sign we will get a photo of it up soon xx

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