Randomly arrived at French Fantasy Book Festival in Epinal

Well the strangeness of synchronicity has taken us to a gathering of bearded peculiars by the Moselle river with people flogging weird literature and giving talks. Jet would  fit right in. www.imaginales.fr They have super fast free internet access so we come to you live from Gallic freak central. Having a chat with fantasy authors is a bit difficult though; ” love your Goblins mate” in schoolboy French provokes quizzical looks. Have left flyers for MY NEW NOVEL COMING OUT SOON “Automatic Safe Dog” by www.eibonvalepress.co.uk Get it pronto before the French fantasists buy it up.

Aurevoir x x



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2 responses to “Randomly arrived at French Fantasy Book Festival in Epinal

  1. Kn Gough.

    Hi J&J or B&B, it depends what is on your passports!!!

    Thanks for your update and thanks Jenny for the phone call. It keeps G,ma peaceful for a day or two!!!
    Are you visiting Colmar, its a great place.
    We have been to Evian not Vittel, as you could say water its under the bridge!
    Love G’ma and G’dad

    • Hey Grandad and Grandma, so glad you are `surfing` our blog, best way to keep up to date with us but I will still check my jenwren email….

      Lots of love to you both and enjoy your holiday in France. We will pass through the Alsace in the next day or 2 and be in Germany very soon!

      Take good care J & J or B&B!! xxxxx

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