Self Timer Photo next to the banks of the Seine. Early days.

Off Roadin in the woods outside Senlis north of Paris.

Midday sun and not the Champagne ( beyond the budget) in Champagne.



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5 responses to “Photos!

  1. James

    Hi Jenny,

    Good to see some pics! I meant to tell you about a bike blog that I’m following of a guy who is cycling from Lord’s cricket ground in London, to the Gabba ground in Brisbane in time for the Ashes series at the end of the year: It might have useful info for you both?

    Cheers, James (CSE)

    • Thanks for that James, Crikey thats a mission and a half. I have been in touch with your friend, very helpful, thanks for putting us in touch. Hope all is well in the land of line shifts. I have been thinking about you all. Post card on its way soon!

      J xx

  2. Joe Med

    Photos! Giving me pangs of longing to be on the road with ya!
    Great pics but please no more photos looking up Jethros shorts!!

    • Proud Dad!

      Far too much relaxing going on here I think.
      Actually maybe it could be computery whizzy stuff the legs and shorts belong to a.n.other! Note Jen’s elbow passes through Jet’s waist line. This could be the revenge of the dogs.
      ps le card arrived today X

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