Slightly faster than a fat naked bloke piloting a barge

Yes this is the speed we are going at along the canals towards Alsace Lorraine.  We have stopped off in St Dizier and are indulging in a bit of Motel luxury (ie fourwalls instead of canvas) after wild camping next to a river and a lake and getting a bit mozzie punctured. Jet is eating an enormous amount and his right calf muscle is getting larger than his left which should surely mean he is going round in circles. Its been bloody hot and we have decided to wake up before the cock crows and cycle till the patissaries close. Jet is going to have his hair cut finally by Jen. This can only be a good thing as he was getting very tangy dreds. Onwards and, ever pootling, … eastwards… xx


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11 responses to “Slightly faster than a fat naked bloke piloting a barge

  1. Joe Med

    Glad to hear you’re still pootling forth & no better speed to do it at than ‘fat naked bloke on barge’ speed I guess! If you’ve still the chance, nick some grapes! With the current summerly climate they should be fermented by the German boarder!

    …A remarkable thing happened! Eastside Roots Spring Fayre – ‘without’ Jetlfy! As a result not quite the usual heaving crowds but none the less a sucessful day.
    1st Jet-less Folk Tales tomorrow too. Auto safe dog cards and a short Jet-bike tour update will be attending however 🙂

    • cheers Joe. I missed folk tales. the wednesday clocked round and I wondered how it went. good to know I still have a presence there! Eastside roots without Jetfly who’d have though such a thing hope it went well…We are eating chocolate and pastry more than grapes but will nick some off one of those mercedes that keep speeding past. Keep the folk flag flying and keep me updated on folk tales 🙂

  2. Joe Med

    P.S. Ms Prangs…
    Do you have a copy of film you did of our last gig?
    Would be nice to have a gander.
    Happy to pay for postage if you’ve been made redunant from your bike antics!

  3. Prangs

    Joe, It’s in the post already!

    • Joe Med

      Just got it today!
      Ta very much! Love the Bournemouth photos….Kaboooom!! 🙂
      Happy cycling….don’t improve your time too much else you’ll end up at work far too early!!

  4. You might be slightly faster than a fat naked bloke piloting a barge, but do you make a slightly more entertaining/err… memorable site?

    As Joe said, Bristol misses you both already! I hope you are at least busking in the evenings, Jet, so that the world doesn’t fall short of its quota of creative ambiance.

    • aha Nick! yes I continue to busk to the sparrows and frogs and passing speedy cyclists and may yet try to seduce the germans with my nightingaling. I may even get a video Jen has taken of a new song up here soon when we learn how to outwit French cafe connection speeds and learn how to use these darn computery tings

  5. Jonathan

    Hi guys just remembered where to find blog – enjoyed new album esp. 1st track – good melancholalia. getting into some multitracking fun of my own. Is squeaky hub fixed? Wish I could join you for a few days. here’s to downhills and tailwinds – HURRAH.
    cheers Jon

    • Hey Jon;

      squeaky hub bearings were regreqsed by surly French bike mechanics “oh la la” is what they actually said but they still squeak like a good un. this doesnt seem to make any difference to the revolution of the wheels however and we roll onwards awaiting German efficiency to sort it out… glad you like song there is a blinky eyed video version on u tube on the dowdenboy site. hope your band going well…and look forward to hearing muktitraks

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