Torville and Dean

I am pleased to announce that Mr Moped (see previous post) has slunk off and we are now able to navigate the opening hours of rural France (get in there early/ sleep in the afternoon) . Our bike routine is now improving, we are getting up (slightly) earlier and now can pack away our stuff in a state of graceful synchrony. Groundsheet and tent are folded together to the soundtrack of cooing (and crapping) pigeons and we, like olympic ice skaters, dance in perfect unison, the Torville and Dean of bike camping. Ahum.

We are currently in Êpinay in the Champagne region surrounded  by lots of wine we cant afford to drink. But I can tell you the vineyards look great. Heading towards the Alsace region, inching our way towards Germany fuelled on unleaded pastry.

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3 responses to “Torville and Dean

  1. Prangs

    You inspired me to cycle to work today (for the 1st time ever) I was only 20 minutes late which wouldn’t have been so bad if the BIG boss wasn’t visiting today on his annual tour and pulled in just before me panting up the rather gentle incline. If I should get sacked I’m blaming you

    • Good for you! Im sure your journey time will improve, I hope they were understanding?! Still not finding it easy to get good internet access, photos coming soon ! …..xx

      • Prangs

        Time improved 2nd day-got in with one minute to spare. Today was slightly drizzly so didn’t bother-I’m clearly not dedicated enough!

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