Mr Moped

You know the Tour de France right. There’s a guy on a moped Zooming ahead of all the other cyclists making the pace for them. Well we have one of those guys but we haven’t seen him yet. He rides ahead and every useful looking type of shop/tasty food centre/ internet cafe he stops in and tells the owners that they shut it immediately or face a terrible penalty. He operates mainly on Sundays and Mondays to be fair but also operates on most other days for uncertain hours. Hence the lack of posts recently. It may be that everyone has iphones now or micropchips inserted in their eyelids so all the cybercafes have gone out of business. Anyhow a good rule of thumb of France is to assume everything is closed and then if anything is open its a bonus.

Jet has has some bike problems, a squeaky front wheel hub for those in the know, so this has slowed our progress. We are now camped near Clermont, on the way to Reims, waiting for the bike shop to open on Tuesday.  A period of  post departure exhaustion was followed by a prolonged period of pastry eating and swearing at Mr Moped. But the countryside has been gorgeous and the roads a joy to pootle along. Soon we will be swifter than an eagle and stronger than an ox and covered in sunblessed freckles.

Thanks for all your comments.  You are all part of the gorgeous Tour de France crowd cheering us on by the side of the road. Mr Moped is running out of petrol, where as we have our legs -full of pastry. Will upload some photos when we we’ve worked out how to use these computer things.

xx j j


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7 responses to “Mr Moped

  1. Fantastic to hear that you are still spinning along, and looking forward to some photos!

  2. Pip

    Ahhh… Mr Moped. I’d forgotten him. Nasty, petty little man as I recall. He used to ride ahead of me when I was there too. Always telling charcuteries that they should shut for lunch, just when they’re needed most! Bon courage, Jen et Jet. x
    Love from me and Bikey.

    • Aha Mr Moped. He is a fiend so he is. However he was soon outwitted through the bulk buying of chocolate and red wine.
      Hope the pip song machine is still whirring and look forward to hearing new uns in interether sometime xx

  3. Proud Dad!

    At least you missed out on the No 10 love in with TweedleCam and TweedleClegg. And then here comes the Millibland twins determined to make new Labour even newer in about 4 or 5 years. What fun you are missing. You are not the only couple ruling the World you started an epidemic!

  4. Katherine

    Ahhh the cunning French with their devious working hours. Probably on strike! (zenophobic? moi?)

    What to say, my dears except that we miss you terribly.
    I am back on the bike after my little car finally died on the M40 on the way to live in London and I had to get the RAC to tow me off the motorway (to the joy of angry motorists everywhere) through the centre of London, (so proud) and to the door of my interim home…. 3 days later he went to the great scrapyard in the sky (otherwise known as Reading stockcar racing spareparts depot)….. so now I am cycling the highways and byways of London town.

    Also the Heads and Tales stories are about to be launched. Very exciting! Check out the website

    • Hey Kath, oh no; what a way to move back home! I hope things have improved for you and that you are settling back in. Its bloomin hot and dizzy in Saint Dizier but its about to thunder so some relief on its way. Missing everyone too and its only a few weeks in! Yikes. Lots of love to you and photos coming soon hopefully, well done with heads and tales thing, I look forward to hearing it; Jen xx

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