Somewhere in Normandy

Aha -we are somewhere in Normandy, having rejuvinated in ‘Lillebonne’ , after braving the channel and Jet`s bad French. The mysteries of french ‘AZERTY’ keyboards and the fact that we must we must reach the next campsite before nightfall means a short entry for now but rest assured we will update soon. We have escaped UK election fever by eating large amounts of cheese and fixing pedals.  Both of us are well but our legs are negotiating a payrise. En route to Rouen via green fields and orchards and cows and cafe du creme; Au revoir for now  j and j xx



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5 responses to “Somewhere in Normandy

  1. Jet's Mum

    I think this blog is a great idea! I’ve accessed it!
    Glad all’s going well.
    love you lots
    Mum xxx

  2. Soph

    Hello my darlings,

    I love the blog, what a sweet way to catch up on your progress…

    I’m glad the sun was shining in France. I hope the cream tea and cheese is helping you on your way.

    The sun has not been shining in Streatham, but our chickens have started laying lots of eggs… if ever you stop long enough somewhere I will hard boil some and send them your way, they have very yellow yolks and would probably get you to India and back again.

    Off to rest this wee eye…

    Gros bises!
    Ta petite Soeur Sophie xxxxxx

    • Hey Sophie, I look forward to getting some hard boiled eggs in the post then, i will send you an address! I have eaten far too much cheese but have managed to find lentils, yay!

      I hope Cornelia is behaving a little more now, lots of love to you beautiful and will call soon, Jen xxxx

  3. gordon

    Hi folks

    Should get a lot warmer from Saturday , you will also see more sunshine ! Are you somewhere near Reims by now or even beyond ?

    Good biking !

  4. matthew

    any more updates yet?…..we need news!

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