Intrepid travellers reach Bradford on Avon and have a cream tea.

Well after staying up all night packing and stuffing too much into too few bags we were waved off a bit later than expected from Bristol bike path by breakfasting friends. Overnight a fantastic sign had sprung up to show us the distance and direction to India. One arrow pointing west to Bristol (2miles) The other pointing east to India (four thousand miles) Of those four thousand miles we are pleased to inform you we did about twenty and reached Bradford on Avon but only after a dangerous cream tea experience at the Forde Tea Gardens where Jet nearly fell asleep in the jam. It then pissed down and we decided to stay the night with Jen’s parents and eat spinach flan. I’m sure Sir Ranulph Fiennes would be proud.



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6 responses to “Intrepid travellers reach Bradford on Avon and have a cream tea.

  1. You were spotted passing through Bath. Your fame precedes you!

  2. Mikey C

    Hi there Jet n’ Jenny – glad you made it off ok! You must have passed right by my house today!

    I’ve got a place for you to stay in or around Munich – are you on email to forward it to you?? Let me know

    love the coupes

  3. Joe Med

    Way to go guys!…(yes indeed, still quite a way to go but never the less!…) You did it! The journey of 4000miles begins with a single pedal! &your out of the Bristol bubble!
    Keep well, cycle safe & keep out of the jam!

  4. Tim

    A splendid start. Good luck for the next 3,800 miles

  5. Prangs

    Bon Voyage J & J, missing you already (which is weird as we usually go months and months without seeing each other) Be lovely to each other and send me some of that cheese attached to a postcard!
    PS. How do I leave Photos and Videos on here?

  6. Ben

    Hey guys,

    Good on you, your mission is inspiring. Here’s that one last song you sang before it was time to go Jethro,


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